Infinity Mental Health

Deeply Root, Gently Rise.


Our Approach

We are a family-style group practice comprised of locally grown mental health professionals who provide high-quality psychotherapy to people in and around New Paltz, NY. We see the good in all people so that they can see the good in themselves.

What sets us apart from the rest?  
We value the power of knowledge. Our therapists don’t just give coping strategies and homework assignments, they provide important background information about the specific issue you are facing. Presenting concerns may include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relational sssues, family members with addiction, and so much more. We like to explain the underpinnings to help answer the “why” questions that often emerge in therapy. We offer outdoor therapy sessions, mindfulness walks on the rail trail, and hiking therapy groups.

We work creatively with our clients by building on their strengths. If a client has a passion for drawing and storytelling, we will incorporate it into the therapeutic process. It isn’t uncommon for our therapists to have their music loving clients bring songs to session that help convey how they feel, or have our theatrical clients write a monologue to someone in their lives who they are struggling with.

Our Core Values

Relationships – We focus on connecting and collaborating through embodying inclusivity, approachability, availability, community and heart in all of our endeavors.

Excellence in Quality of Work – We never sacrifice quality of work, no matter what. We go above and beyond to provide a sophisticated service with top notch therapists. We strive to continually improve our offerings through seeking out education and training whenever possible.

We make therapy enjoyable!  We understand that therapy is not only made up of difficult growing moments, but it can also be fun and creative. We are changing the way people think of therapy; we work hard, but we also find joy in the process. A trusting, safe environment allows for full expression of the self. Another way we infuse life into our work is our emphasis on nature. We offer hiking groups, mindfulness meditative walks on the lovely rail trail, as well as outside sessions.


Is your child struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, difficulty making or keeping friends, bullying, anger, sibling rivalry, behavioral issues, anxiety, or depression?


Although the teenage years are known for being some of the most difficult, it is important to intervene when issues have escalated. We can help.

Young Adults

Between the ages of 18-25 and looking for some help? We understand the unique struggles that young adults face in our world today. Don’t wait to get help.


Whether you’re going through a life change, dealing with loss, struggling to manage issues related to stress, career, self-esteem, parenting, letting go, finding acceptance or reducing anxiety and depression, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to get out of therapy at IMHC?

You will receive the undivided attention from a certified mental health professional who is 100% dedicated to helping you reach your therapy goals. Not sure what your goals are? No problem! Part of our job is helping you organize your thoughts, feelings and motivations to help you get on track.

How much does therapy cost?

We are committed to offering high-quality therapy at an affordable rate. We understand that “affordable” is different for every person, so we try to be flexible with our rates in order to fit your needs. Our providers’ rates range from $75 to $90 for individual therapy, and we can offer a reduced rate for those who need it.

Do you take my insurance?

Generally speaking, we do not accept insurance, with a few minor exceptions. Please inquire when you call our intake line. Depending on your provider and your insurance company, you may qualify to be reimbursed for a portion of your payment. To find out more, call your insurance company and ask about your “Out-of-Network Benefits”.

Can I come in for a consultation?

Please do! If you are shopping around for the right fit, we welcome you to set up a consultation with any of our therapists. This is a great way to “try on” a provider before committing to the process. Keep in mind that regular rates apply to consultations.

What if I need to cancel my session?

Life happens, right? If you need to cancel, we won’t hold it against you. We will always reserve your appointment slot for you, no matter what. Please inform us with more than 24-hours’ notice if you need to cancel in order to avoid the cancellation fee.

Let Us Help You

Please call our office at 845-419-3939 or email us:
For emergencies, call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.


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