For Children

Is your child struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, difficulty making or keeping friends, bullying, anger, sibling rivalry, behavioral issues, anxiety, or depression? If so, he or she may benefit from psychotherapy.

Our work with children often incorporates play therapy, which utilizes toys and imaginative play as a means of communication and expression.

Your child will be introduced to age-appropriate mindfulness skills to help them practice identifying, tolerating, and managing uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes working with parents serves as an additional tool for improving the quality of life for the child.

“My husband and I found Ashley Walko, two years ago as a therapist for our son who has Asperger Syndrome. We were concerned about his comfort level being away from home as he had difficulties in social situations, suffered extreme anxiety and OCD. Our worries waned the moment we sat down to interview Ashley as a potential therapist for our son. He was quite comfortable with her and liked her very much. It has been wonderful watching their relationship become one of absolute trust and confidence. Our son has shown amazing growth, creating healthy boundaries, stepping up to new challenges that would otherwise been avoided on his part.”

– Katharine

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