FAQ’s for Educators

Infinity Presents Series

FAQ’s for Educators


What is the Infinity Presents series?

Infinity Presents is an in-person classroom-style training series where mental health professionals come together with the common goal of deepening their knowledge on a particular topic while connecting with fellow therapists in the field. Through attending our trainings, attendees can expect to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge while building relationships with fellow providers in the Hudson Valley. Educators are mental health professionals who are interested in presenting current, relevant material which will improve the lives of fellow therapists and their clients. We strive to create a rewarding and valuable experience for both educators and attendees of the Infinity Presents series.


What are the requirements for educators?

Educators must be able to demonstrate their qualifications to teach the proposed presentation as a content expert. Relevant teaching and professional experience are also important factors in determining an instructor’s eligibility. We look for educators who are interactive and good at connecting with their students.


How do I become an educator?

Interested educators must submit the following to be considered:

  1. Presentation Proposal Outline (download here)
  2. Resumé or CV which includes, at a minimum, the following information: Name, current employment title, degrees earned with name and location of educational institution, major and date received, professional license status, teaching experience, and previous professional experience


Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes! We value the time, effort, and expertise that our educators bring to their presentations, and we offer a flat-rate compensation to our featured presenters.


What do I need to prepare in advance?

Besides being familiar with your training’s structure and main points, it may be helpful to prepare a few slides or some type of visual to support your presentation. However, reading straight from a power-point presentation is not the preferred presentation method for this series. We ask that educators take a more interactive and personable approach in imparting their valuable knowledge, as it is often absorbed and retained more effectively by students. If you require equipment such as a projector or speakers, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare to have them on hand the day-of.


What should I expect the day of the presentation?

We strive to make this a fun, comfortable and rewarding experience for both our presenters and guests. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. We will take care of most logistical needs such as classroom set up and break down, registration table, refreshments, communication with guests, marketing, etc. You will bring any visual tools or props, marketing/networking materials, a laptop or device if you are sharing digital slides or video, and any other items you’ll want on hand.


Can I promote myself and my business through this presentation?

Because the mission of the Infinity Presents series is to learn and connect, it is not an appropriate venue for promoting personal endeavors such as your business or brand. Presentation proposals must be created with a professional, educational intention in mind. We do allow educators to bring networking materials, such as business cards or brochures, to give to individuals who are interested in connecting outside of the training. All materials must be approved by IMHC prior to the event. Thank you for understanding!


More questions? Email us at info@infinitymentalhealth.com.