Meet Our Team

Ashley Walko, LMHC

Ashley primarily works with teenagers, young adults and middle-aged adults through a psychoanalytic, relational framework. She infuses her background in inpatient behavioral health, school-based mental health, and experience educating at the collegiate level into her clinical work. Ashley appreciates the impact that childhood and family dynamics have had on the development of presenting problems. She helps her clients gain greater insight, acceptance and then forgiveness for the people and situations that have hurt them. She collaborates with clients to identify relational and behavioral patterns through gentle, non-directive exploration.

In the beginning of treatment, trust building is of the utmost importance, assessment is prioritized, and goal setting is implemented. Throughout the course of treatment, clients utilize the therapy space by delving deeper within themselves to get to the root of the issues they’ve been experiencing. By doing so, healthier and more adaptive approaches to life become apparent. Ashley meets her clients wherever they are in their development and helps bring them closer towards greater awareness of themselves and their core values.


Session Rates for Individual Therapy: $125-150
Insurances Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kingston Trust Fund, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford, and Oscar

Gillian Hammond, LMHC
Clinician and Clinical Supervisor

Gillian is a licensed mental health counselor and holds an advanced certificate in trauma and disaster mental health. Her goal is to create an empathic, collaborative, and reflective space where clients can feel comfortable, heard, and safe. She is invested in recognizing each person’s individuality and intersecting identities while supporting clients in developing deeper insight through exploration of their experiences.

Gillian’s approach is eclectic, depending on individual needs. She typically emphasizes humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and mindfulness-based techniques. From a trauma-informed framework, she supports clients in building a sense of empowerment, enhancing self-awareness, encouraging personal growth, and identifying ways to create sustainable changes in their lives.

Gillian is committed to working with adults and young adults who are seeking support related to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, women’s issues, life transitions, communication issues, career development, grief and loss, trauma, and relationship difficulties. She is dedicated to supporting individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and students in higher education.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $100
Insurances Accepted: Kingston Trust Fund, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford, and Oscar

Whitney Harnen, LMHC
Clinician, Clinical Supervisor, and Outreach Coordinator

Whitney Harnen is a licensed mental health counselor and works predominantly with adults ages 18 and older. Whitney is invested in ensuring that her clients feel safe, comfortable, understood, and supported within a therapeutic environment. In her work, she utilizes a mix of evidence-based frameworks including cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic therapy. She believes in connecting with clients on a human level through conversational sessions, while also maintaining professionalism. Ultimately, Whitney treats each client as a unique individual and works collaboratively with her clients to guide treatment, as she believes it is essential for clients to see that they are the expert of their own experience.

Whitney can offer you guidance and support through many life challenges, including creating and maintaining a meaningful life, navigating through life transitions, or processing and growing acceptance for issues such as grief, relationships, finances, or other life stressors. She understands that pain and distress can feel debilitating, but believes in the strength and potential of every individual to overcome when given the appropriate care and support. The experience of emotional hurt or psychological distress does not mean that you are broken or have failed. Whitney works with clients to help them create a new understanding of their life experiences, which she believes can be key to transformation. Whitney strives to provide a space where people can exercise autonomy, feel empowered, and talk freely with no judgment while working towards specific goals for an optimal lifestyle.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $100
Insurances Accepted: Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford, and Oscar

Jessica Joy, MHC-LP

Jessica Joy has a Master’s degree in Psychology, Counseling Specialization.  Her clients usually grew up feeling somehow different from the rest of the flock and are now learning how to find and love their selves, to repair and grow relationships with their selves and other people in their lives, and to work on healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression in this wild world. 

A major focus of Jessica’s work is Complex Relational Trauma – the trauma that can result from abuse or neglect in childhood, repeated abusive relationships as an adult, or the insidious trauma that many marginalized people experience daily. She has specific experience and training working with LGBTQIA clients and is gender, sexuality, and multiculturally affirming.

Jessica serves adults of all ages (18+) with Person-Centered Trauma-Informed care, often using Expressive Arts, Internal Family Systems, and Family Systems Theory in her work. It is an honor for her to hold a safe, collaborative space for her clients’ life stories and processes of meaningful change.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $90 (no insurances accepted)

Jennifer Rooney, MHC-LP

Jennifer Rooney has her advanced certificate in mental health counseling with a masters in school counseling. She desires to work alongside individuals to empower them in discovering their inner strength through empirical based approaches infused with artistic creativity. 

She has experience working with individuals ages 16-65+ years of age with anxiety, mood disorders, disordered eating, substance use and relationship stresses. Her approach to the therapeutic process is one that is collaborative, individualized to one’s unique needs and supports an individual in working towards mental well-being with both in and out of session tools and resources. 

Jennifer views the therapeutic process as a holistic, collaborative partnership. She comes with experiences in career counseling, disability advocacy, advising and teaching.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $85 (no insurances accepted)

Soren Beck
Graduate Intern Counselor

Soren Beck is an intern working to complete her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at SUNY New Paltz. Her current work and previous experience are predominantly with children, adolescents, and their families. Soren understands the challenges and pressures that young people face. She aims to help clients come to terms with, or change, their life circumstances and express themselves in an honest and fulfilling way throughout. Above all, she values the ability to share in her clients’ experiences and provide the warmth and safety they deserve. 

Soren believes counseling should be enjoyable and something that her clients look forward to in the week. She utilizes child-centered play therapy in her work with all children and believes that sharing in the language of play is the key to connection. Soren is not afraid to be silly and animated in session and finds laughter to be healing. In her work with older clients, she values the same creativity and joy, although all sessions are different, and sharing in sadness or hurt is just as important. 

Soren knows that no one understands her clients better than they do. For this reason, she encourages her clients to be the expert in the room by leading the session in whatever way feels most natural. Each person has the ability to feel whole, valuable, and content in their lives. Soren gives her clients the extra support and perspective that they need to get there.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $85 (no insurances accepted)

Olivia Hohlweck
Practicum Student Counselor

Olivia is an intern completing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at SUNY New Paltz. She has experience in crisis intervention and has worked with people of various abilities. In this work, she has witnessed the inherent capacity for resilience that exists when people are supplied with the proper support and resources. Olivia believes that connection is at the heart of healing, and strives to foster an empathic, safe therapeutic relationship that respects the depths and complexities of a person’s humanity. By facilitating a collaborative and creative space, the deep heartaches of life can be explored with self-compassion. Ultimately, Olivia hopes to help people process and integrate their experiences to cultivate meaning following difficult events, harness courage, and celebrate life’s joys. 

Olivia recognizes the growing pains that often come with change. Having this understanding, she seeks to hold space for the grief that can accompany life and its transitions. At the same time, Olivia aspires to nurture a gentle environment where emotional wounds can be tended to with curiosity and transformed for people to discover their unique potential and possibilities. Just as each person is multifaceted, Olivia appreciates the interconnecting environmental, physical, relational, and spiritual factors that shape wellness, and aims to empower clients in defining what wellness means to them. Whatever your journey may bring, Olivia is honored to walk alongside you on your path to healing, self-insight, and growth.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $50 (no insurances accepted)

Krista Sabbagh
Practicum Student Counselor

My name is Krista and I am a graduate student in the clinical Mental Health Counseling program at SUNY New Paltz. I believe that the foundation of therapeutic change is a trusting, safe relationship between client and counselor. Once this foundation is built, my hope is to reflect back to my clients a sense of empowerment and love that I believe is held within us all. The circumstances of life can become disheartening and seem unmanageable at times, and my aim is to validate these experiences while initiating the restoration of a sense of hope and trust in oneself and their future.

My previous experience in the human services field is with children, teens, and families. I utilize cognitive behavioral techniques, from a strengths based, person-centered perspective. The impressionable nature of children and teens is part of what makes them such an honor and privilege to work with. I hope to provide a space where young people are safe to express themselves and their experience in a way that is comfortable to them, in order to enable the maintenance of their child-like joy and innocence in spite of the hardships they may face.

Session Rate for Individual Therapy: $50 (no insurances accepted)

Johanna Thompson
Office Manager

Johanna’s role at Infinity is to help keep the administrative side of the practice running smoothly. She manages new client inquiries, billing, communications, marketing, and general administration of the practice. If you call the intake/general line you will most likely speak with Johanna, whose goal is to make sure that each client feels supported and comfortable in starting the therapy process.

Johanna has a bachelor of arts degree in dance with a french minor from Alma College in MI. Her dance training instilled in her discipline, attention to detail, creative problem solving skills, and a sense of joy. She has years of experience as a performing artist and dance instructor. In recent years, her career has shifted to a focus on administrative work.

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